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Welcome to Sunnyfield Farm's Miniature Zebu Cattle. We offer the finest quality animals available. Watch this page for animals as they become available or contact us directly to see what we have currently.

         Our breeding program is designed to give you a calf that you can enjoy and cherish for many years. Our bottle babies are imprinted at birth with the human touch and worked with on a daily basis making them very tame. We, Tom and Jo, are retired, so we are with your calf all day, everyday.

     Please call or email to be placed on our pre-birth deposit list or to see what is available! Sunnyfield Farmís little cows are unique and when you experience one for yourself you will understand why. Our breeding philosophy is produce exceptional calves that live up to the breed standard. We have hand selected our breeding program over the last 15 years and we want to make you our customer pleased. We believe in client education along with communication - you will not be overwhelmed, as we are here to support/answer questions before and after sale.

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Randall calves for sale see Randall's for sale page ! 

We are accepting pre-birth deposits for 2023 Calves

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A great big thanks to all our customers  !

Sunnyfields Micah  * Bull

Sire: Oreo   Dam: Elle Mae

SOLD to North Carolina


Sunnyfields Doodle Bug * Bull

Sire: Baxter Dam: Lisa Jane

Sold to Md.


Sunnyfields Lil B  * Bull

Sire : Baxter  Dam: Patty B

Sold to N.C.



Sunnyfields Gus * Bull

Sire : Baxter X Dam: Dottie

Red & White

Sale to Nebraska


Sunnyfields  Gold Fever * Bull

Sire : Baxter X Dam: Goldie

SOLD going up north to Michigan




Danny Boy  4 month old steer 

Super Pet

SOLD to Va


Sunnyfields Moonie  * Heifer

Sire: Baxter  Dam :Lil Debbie

Stunning red white paint

Sold to Conn.


Sunnyfields Sweet Teddy * Bull

Sire: Oreo    Dam: Farm Sweets


Sold to Conn.


Sunnyfields Twist of Dynamite* Bull

Sire: Baxter X  Dam: Aggie

I'm headin south to N.C.


Sunnyfields Lotsa   * Heifer

Sire: Baxter X Dam: Josie Girl

Stay'n in Va


Sunnyfields Gabby  * Heifer

Sire: Baxter  X Dam Sandy


Sunnyfields Darby  * Bull

Sire: Baxter X Dam: April Sue


Sunnyfields Sweet Charlotte

Sire: Baxter X Dam Bernedette

Sold - Va

Sunnyfields Galaxy * Heifer

Sire: Oreo X Dam: Cindy

SOLD- Tenn

Sunnyfields Martin * Bull

Sire: Baxter  X Dam Annie E

SOLD  head'in to Tenn.


  2021 calves!


Sunnyfields Q Tip * Heifer

Sire: Oreo X Dam: Cappers

Anyway you look at this little lady

sit in your lap laid back a super pet

SOLD  to Va



Sunnyfields Choclate Chip *  Bull

Sire: Baxter X Dam Tatiana

SOLD to Tenn.



Sunnyfields Mighty Brite  *   Bull

Sire: Oreo  X Dam: Suzie Q

SOLD to N.C.


Sunnyfields Two Spot Bull

Sire:Conrad X Dam: Aggie

Sold a repeat customer N.C.

Sunnyfields Benny 2021 Red & White Paint  Bull

Sire: Baxter X Dam: Rose

Sold  to Ga



Sunnyfields So Sweet 2021 Heifer

Sire: Oreo Dam Cindy Lou


Going to Maryland




2020 calves



Aloha    I' m Going to    Hawaii

Sunnyfields Radar a 2020 Red and white paint bull -Out of our tri-color paint bull Sunnyfield's Dynamite (aka Baxter ) and Sunnyfields Polka dot a black and white paint cow,he's got color on both sides  what a great sire prospect



Sunnyfields Twist of Cream

Super Rare  Black with a full white belt like my Daddy !

       Aloha    I' m Going to    Hawaii


Sunnyfield's Magoo- a 2020 bull who is out of Sunnyfield's Constellation and Sunnyfield's Rose. He would make the perfect pet steer! He has a half belt!

Sold- California

Sunnyfield's Mick- a 2020 bull who is out of our 30 inch herd sire and a tiny gray cow. He will turn gray as he matures! Would make a wonderful pet steer or bull.

Sold- California


Sunnyfield's Pumpkin Pie- a 2020 heifer who is out of Sunnyfield's Holly Time (Holly is a daughter to Sunnyfield's Lil Miss Emily). Pumpkin's sire is our tiny 30 inch herd sire "Conrad".

SOLD  Pumpkin Pie "I'm headin to West Virginia"


Sunnyfield's Miss Ginger - a 2020 heifer who is out of Sunnyfield's Lil Miss Emily.  We own Ginger's full sister "April" seen on our Zebu page! Sold to a repeat client!


The below calves are now in their forever homes!

Sunnyfield's Good Friday SOLD  to Wisconsin!

Sunnyfields See'n Spots -2020 Loud Black & White paint heifer SOLD to MD

Sunnyfield's Contessa - 2020 heifer calf Sold to a repeat client!

Sunnyfield's Lil Bit - a 2020 bull calf  Sold  to Virginia and our repeat client!


Sunnyfield's Spring Fever - a Gorgeous 2020 heifer   SOLD I'm gonna be a tar heel

Sunnyfield's Comet - 2020 black and white bull calf SOLD to  Illinois  a repeat customer

Sunnyfield's Patrick - 2020 bull calf  - Sold!

Sunnyfield's Lil Ruckus - 2020 heifer Sold to a repeat customer in Alabama. Thank you!

Sunnyfield's Sally Ann - 2020 heifer Sold to a repeat customer in Alabama. Thank you!


Sunnyfield's Dozer - 2020 bull calf who should turn gray and/or roan

 Sold to West Virginia!

Sunnyfield's Country Girl - 2020 heifer who should turn black and white!

SOLD- I'm gonna' be a Jersey Girl


Sunnyfield's Delight 2020 heifer calf

SOLD- Headin to North Carolina

The below 2020 calves now have new homes! They are going to NY and NC!



The below calves are examples of some of the calves we produce. All calves are sold and living with their new owners! Our calves travel all over the USA! We thank our new and returning customers for their consideration. We appreciate you!


Sunnyfield's Macho Man and Sunnyfield's Fawn

Sold to Costa Rica


This heifer went to KY. Thank you Doctor LaNita!



Contact: Tom & Jo Mariannino

345 Newcomb Bridge Rd

Chase City, VA. 23924






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Do NOT copy without permission





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