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Randall Cattle Beef

Taste the difference of Sunnyfield Farms

 Randall Rich Red Meat

 Pasture Raised Grass Fed


   No harmful antibiotics 

      No Steroids No Growth Hormones !

2x the Omega 3s of conventional grain fed beef

more antioxidants,Q10,taurine and p-carotene


At Present we are sold Out of all Beef

we expect to be Slaughtering late spring please check back and thank you to all our customers

Ground Beef

all lean 90%--10%

Save 50 cents per lb on 3 or more lbs

Ground  $5.50 lb  ***Sold Out

Ground Chuck  $5.99lb *** Sold Out

Ground Sirloin $6.49 lb ****sold Out

Ground Round $7.25 lb ****Sold Out

Beef Patties 4 oz  (4 pack ) $6.00 pack  **** SOLD OUT

Other Beef available at Present:

Boneless Short Ribs  $9.49 lb***** Sold Out


Tenderlion fillet $18.99 lb***sold out

Petite Ribeye Steak $9.99 lb **** Sold Out


Standing Rib Roast (4 rib) sorry sold out



Sirloin Steak Boneless $ 9.99 lb ****sold out


New York Strip  Boneless  $12.99 lb *** Sold Out






+++++Cooking Tip+++++

Grass fed beef usually takes 25% less time to cook

 If you are used to cooking your steaks 4 minutes per side

You'll want to give it  3 minutes

Other options include sous--viding your grass fed steaks

 or preparing them with a reverse sear








Free Delivery on orders of $60 or more in a 50 mile radius of the farm

      All Randall Beef for Sale at the farm by appointment!

Please call ahead



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Contact: Tom & Jo Mariannino

345 Newcomb Bridge Rd

Chase City, VA





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