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Information on Miniature Zebu Cattle

         Miniature Zebu Cattle are the world's smallest breed of Miniature Cattle. They are true Miniatures meaning they were not bred down but are naturally small. They are a dairy and beef breed of cattle and often one can milk a 1/2 gallon a day with the calf on the momma- we call them "mini milkers" as they are ideal for small families! Zebus are not only pets, but can be used as working cattle; pulling a plow or wagon, in petting zoos, as therapy cows & MUCH more!!

Miniature Zebu are a breed of True Miniature!

Zebu are naturally small. They have not been bred down to achieve their small size.

* The name "Zebu" is derived from the Tibetan word "ceba", which means "hump". They all have a hump on their back, even when they are born.

* They are a very old breed of cattle, possibly dating as far back as 3000 B.C.

* Colors include shades of gray, white, black, red, and patterns of paint, speckled and brindle.

* They have a moderate dewlap and ears that point straight out from the head.

* The Miniature Zebu measures 42 inches or less at the withers.

* * They are slower to mature but their life span is 20-25 years

Why own a Sunnyfield Farm Miniature Zebu?

 * Zebu are hardy and easy to care for and their size and gentle disposition makes for easy handling.

* Zebu like to be on pasture with grass. They do not require high protein supplements and on good pasture can get by without mineral supplements.

* They have excellent heat resistance and tolerate hot climates as well as colder areas. They can thrive in almost any climate.

* They are resistant to both internal and external parasites.

* Zebu cows are easy calvers and great mothers.

Miniature Zebu are great for the small land owner. They clear brush and mow lawns without using fuel.

Miniature Zebu are perfect for families with children! Many children and their families want to own cattle but are intimidated by the size of the larger breeds. Miniature Zebu offer a great opportunity for kids to care for and train an animal. Taking care of a Mini Zebu gives children responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Their small size makes the cows easy to handle for kids of almost any age. They are a great agriculture project. Mini Zebu are known for being gentle, intelligent and relatively easy to care for! They are docile and have great temperaments in addition to being quite hardy. The calves are absolutely adorable when born and when bottle fed offer a unique, fun, loving experience.

Information about our program: Sunnyfield Farm

  Our main focus is breeding quality registered Miniature Zebu Cattle and Donkeys! Here on Sunnyfield Farm we have a small select herd of Zebu cattle. We typically only breed 20 brood cows a year, so that means we will only have that many calves available for sale. Our goal is to keep the Zebu breed in fact Miniature- breeding for well under 42 inches tall at maturity.  We breed for disposition, color, and improvement of the Zebu breed.  Our Zebu mission is "Education, Promotion and Preservation of the World's Smallest Natural Cattle! -AMZA     

     Our cattle have perfect breed disposition, character and conformation. Our calves are very adaptable to almost any kind situation/scenarios.  We as a Zebu breeder love to help you out with advice and support, we stay in touch long after sale unlike most big breeders who are busy. Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us.

       If you're ever in the area stop by and see what's so bright here on Sunnyfield Farm! Our gates are always open.    

Contact: Tom & Jo Mariannino

345 Newcomb Bridge Rd

Chase City, VA